June 14, 2009

The New Star Trek Movie Captures the Essence of Our Favorite Characters

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From the opening scene of the fierce Romulan attack to the final scenes of the cruise of the Enterprise back to the final frontier, the new Star Trek movie is full of action and smart dialog. The story is sharp and gives a grand nod to the Star Trek that we grew up on without insulting the original series.

This review contains SPOILERS.


Learn to Swim This Summer at the Goochland, Virginia YMCA

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swimming by phaewilk morguefileLooking for a children’s summer activity that is fun and builds strong bodies? Swimming lessons are the perfect answer! Children will learn about water safety and develop skills that will help with coordination, too. If you live in the Goochland County, Virginia area, be sure to check out the opportunities to learn how to swim at the Goochland YMCA. Learning to swim is not just for children – the YMCA also offers classes for adults and teens.

More information here.

May 25, 2009

Troy University Expands Online Program Through E-partnership with Community Colleges

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Troy University announced a new distance-learning partnership with Alabama community colleges, enabling two-year college graduates to continue their education and graduate from Troy University with a four-year degree. Read more.

Distance Learning Educators Can Network by Joining a DL Group on LinkedIn

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If you are a distance learning educator, consider joining some of the DL groups on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a networking site for professionals across many fields. Read the rest of the article.

Blackboard acquires another competitor

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Blackboard Inc. has acquired ANGEL Learning, Inc., for $95 million, creating a broader platform for distance learning Blackboard acquired another Blackboard (Nasdaq: BBBB) is a leading provider of web-based course-management software, is based in Washington, DC. ANGEL Learning, Inc., is a privately-held educational software company that sprang from research at Indiana-Purdue University begun in the late 1990s. Combined, the two companies serve approximately 5,800 schools, representing all grades, from kindergarten through graduate school. Read the rest of the story on

Surprise visitors in our yard: Turkey hen and poults

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It’s not unusual to see wildlife in our rural area; but it was a real surprise when a turkey hen and her rafter of poults strolled through the yard.  See the slideshow.

Powhatan County Considers Broadening Distance-learning Opportunities

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Powhatan County’s economic-development authority met with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership to consider growth opportunities in distance education and target those that will positively impact the county.

Read the complete article.

Tennessee Education Reform May Include K-12 Distance-learning

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Tennessee education reform may include K-12 distance-learning

A project led by the Niswonger Foundation and supported by several East Tennessee schools includes K-12 distance-learning through an internet video feed directly into the classroom. Read to find out more.

Federal Budget Cuts Impact Historically Black Colleges and Universities

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On May 7, President Obama revealed his education budget and the proposed cuts in federal programs will negatively affect historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Click to read more about how the budget cuts will affect HBCUs.

AT&T and Indiana University Partner to Bring BlackBerry Technology to the Classroom

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Indiana University has announced that it has entered into an agreement with AT&T, providing graduate students and staff in the Kelley School of Business with discounted BlackBerry smartphones.

Read the article here.

Adding Technorati Profile

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I am claiming this blog and adding it to Technorati.

Technorati Profile

May 15, 2009

How Do I Know If Distance Learning is Right for Me?

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Are you considering a distance learning degree? Have you wondered if learning online is right for you? E-learning requires skills which are different from those needed in courses taught using standard classroom settings. So how do you know if you are ready to become an online learner?

Read on…

Trendy Boutiques Come to Uptown Columbus, GA

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Nestled in a premo location at the corner of Broadway and 11th, K-Rawk’s Closet and Bougie Boutique are bringing hip looks to the downtown bar scene.

Read more at:

Trendy Boutiques Come to Uptown Columbus, GA

May 3, 2009

Beauty on a Budget? AVON to the Rescue!

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NailwearA tough economy means that we all have to watch expenses and make good money decisions. AVON to the rescue!

Our AVON brochures always have something on sale. With lots of two-for-the-price-of-one bargains and buy-one-get-one-for-a-dollar sales, beauty doesn’t have to cost a fortune. On the inside of the back cover, “The Big Deal” combines related products at a huge discount. Candid, our fragrance with a hint of exotic tropical flowers, is The Big Deal in Campaign 13: cologne spray, roll-on antiperspirant deoderant, shimmering body powder, and two perfumed skin softners for only $10. Wow – that’s a real bargain!

Check out my Squidoo page for more information about AVON or becoming an AVON representative.

thinkPhD’s Zazzle Gallery Showcase

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Zazzle Say It LineLast year, 80% of adults in the United States did not buy or read a book. About a quarter of adults did not graduate from high school and 50 million have reading skills below the 5th grade. Forty-three percent of adults with low-literacy skills live in poverty, 17% receive food stamps, and 70% have no job or part-time job. I believe that ONE adult in the United States who is unable to read is ONE too many. Take an active role in adult literacy projects in your community!

A portion of the sales of thinkPhD’s Say It Line will be donated to adult literacy projects. See my Squidoo page to learn more and make a difference by supporting adult literacy projects.

thinkPhD’s Workshop and Source Page

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I recently started created lenses on Squidoo. Please visit and comment.

My Workshop and Source Page.

KFC UNFried: New Kentucky Grilled Chicken Review

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KFC offered customers a free piece of chicken on April 27, 2009, to introduce their newest item on the menu: Kentucky Grilled Chicken. I stopped by on “UNFry Day” to pick up my free piece.

Read my review.

Grow Your Avon Business: 21 Tips for Fast Success

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                                                                         Become an AVON Rep

Are you a new Avon Independent Sales Representative? An experienced rep looking for new ideas? There are many resources to help you grow your business. Jump-start your success today!

Read more here.

Easy Dessert: Patriot Pound Cake

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American FlagWave the flag and heat up the grill – summer’s here! This fast and easy dessert is great for Memorial Day and 4th of July celebrations. No-cook Patriot Pound Cake is colorful, tasty, and oh-so-simple to prepare.

Get the recipe.

Celebrate Earth Day 2009 in Richmond, Virginia

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Celebrate Earth Day 2009 in Richmond, Virginia, with organized walks, bike rides, history hikes, rafting, canal cruises and a festival celebrating the revitalization of the James River. Most of the events are family-friendly many are free.

Celebrate Earth Day 2009 in Richmond, Virginia

Maximize the Value of Your Online Degree

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cap-diploma1One of the most important considerations when choosing an online college or university is selecting an accredited program. What is accreditation and what does it mean to the distance learning student?

Find out.

Summer BBQ Recipe: Grilled Italian Lemon Pepper Chicken

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Grilled Italian Lemon Pepper Chicken is a great summer BBQ recipe for Memorial Day get-togethers or lazy summer evenings by the pool. A charcoal grill adds a special outdoor flavor and toasting that makes the seasonings really come together.

Get the recipe.

Spring Awakens

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I am there as Spring begins to stir. Written in celebration of National Poetry Month, 2009.

Read Spring Awakens.

Dinner in 30 Minutes or Less: Hearty Kielbasa and Rice

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Need a fast and nutritious recipe for dinner tonight? This recipe is ready in 30 minutes or less! Try Hearty Kielbasa and Rice: Polish sausage, kidney beans, tomatoes, and rice make a nutritious and substantial meal fast!

Get the recipe for Hearty Kielbasa and Rice.

Become a Volunteer Expert on AllExperts

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Do you like to help others by sharing your knowledge about something? Do you find that others come to you looking for answers? Are you an “expert” on a particular topic? AllExperts may be right for you.

Learn about my experiences on AllExperts.

Mezirow’s Transformational Learning Theory

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John Mezirow believed that adults can be “transformed” through a process involving a “disorientating dilemma” followed by critical reflection and new interpretations of experience.

This article is published on Associated Content.

Dinner in 30 Minutes or Less: Chicken Mozzarella

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Need a fast and nutritious recipe for dinner tonight? This recipe is ready in 30 minutes or less! Try chicken mozzarella with grilled boneless chicken breasts smothered in Italian-style tomatoes and topped with mozzarella cheese.

Get the recipe.

Become a Lifelong Learner: It’s Easier Than You Think

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One of the keys to personal and community success is creating a learning environment. Everyone around you benefits when you choose to increase your knowledge and skill sets. Although formal education is important, a lifelong learner is one who is always on the lookout to learn something new, through reading, discussion, continuing education, listening…there are so many ways to learn!

Continue reading here.

Non-Techie Review: Samsung P2370 23″ Widescreen Flat Panel LCD HD Monitor

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My goal was simply to replace the 17” monitor with a widescreen. I had a tight budget but elected to move up to the $279.99 Samsung P2370 after looking at the monitors on display. I took it home, set it up and proceeded to get blown away…

See more at…

Spring Flowers Herald the Season

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daffodil-jonquil-spring-yellow-whiteAfter a long winter, spring flowers in my yard remind me of warm days to come. I take a garden walk and discover that even the bumble bees are smitten with flower-love.

See more on Associated Content.

National Poetry Month: Haiku in celebration of John Denver and his music

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April is National Poetry Month and to join the fun, I wrote a haiku in celebration of John Denver and his music. John Denver’s music spoke to me as a teenager, and still does even today. His clear and honest voice reminds me of the beauty of our world and relationships to our loved ones. John Denver was once called the “Poet for the Planet.” Here is my haiku for you to enjoy:

John Denver

Rocky Mountain High:
Soaring eagles, endless sky;
Colorado home.

The poem is published over on Associated Content, here’s the link.

ASU Chooses Not to Award Honorary Doctorate to President Obama

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President Barack Obama will not receive an honorary degree when he delivers the commencement address from
ArizonaStateUniversityon May 13, according to ASU President Michael Crow. This highly controversial decision has refueled the debate about honorary degrees and who should receive them. Instead of an honorary degree, a scholarship program for students with financial need has been named for the president.

Spokesperson Sharon Keeler stated that honorary degrees from ASU are conferred on individuals with a body of work, and President Obama did not yet have a body of work because his presidency has just begun. Many have claimed that President Obama already has already made a significant contribution to society and is deserving of the honor. ASU President Michael Crow indicated that the university did not award honorary degrees to sitting politicians. Previous honorary doctorates have been awarded to scientists, humanitarians, and public servants. However, donors and business leaders are also on the list. According to the Arizona State University website, author Erma Bombeck, astronaut Frank Borman, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, journalist Walter Cronkite, and film director Blake Edwards among many others have received honorary degrees from Arizona State University.

There are two sides to the controversy of awarding honorary degrees…Read the rest of the article here.

Should I Get an Education Degree Online?

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I get many requests asking about different types of online degrees. This is an article I wrote for Associated Content that you may find relevant to your own search.

If you have ever considered becoming a teacher, an online education degree may be right for you…

Read the rest of the article here.

FreeRice: Make a Difference in the Fight Against World Hunger

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Does FreeRice really make a difference? Rice donated through the quizzes on FreeRice is distributed by the WFP. FreeRice rice fed 750,000 Mynamar citizens after the cyclone, 13,500 pregnant and nursing women in Cambodia for two months, 66,000 schoolchildren in Uganda for a week, and 108,000 Bhutanese refuges in Nepal for three days. It takes about 19,200 grains of rice to equal 400 grams, which is enough for two meals per day per person.

See the rest of the article here.